The Witchen Garden will teach you how to spiritualize your gardening in such a way as to deepen your connection with Nature, enhance your gardening using magic, and strengthen your magic through gardening! The Witchen Garden is not going to teach you the basics of gardening. There are already innumerable, fabulous resources out there for that. I highly recommend The Square Foot Gardener book and method, but any gardening technique will do.

Most magical gardening sites and books focus on the herb garden. While herbs are indisputably indispensable tools of witchcraft, every common vegetable and culinary herb has its own unique, and very powerful, magic of its own.

The Witchen Garden includes spells and magical techniques for planting, growing, harvesting, and fallowing your garden. There are a few recipes included to help you celebrate the Wheel of the Year with the appropriate, seasonal foods. The Witchen Garden also includes a section devoted to individual plants - not just their general descriptions, but their histories, correspondences, magical associations and uses, and more. is the property and trademark of Witchen Garden all rights reserved.